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Ditch the bulky DSLR, upgrade your phone! The TOKOHANSUN Phone Lens Kit empowers you to capture stunning wide-angle landscapes and incredibly detailed close-ups, all with your smartphone.

Here's what elevates your mobile photography game:

  • Super Wide Angle Lens (0.45x): Capture breathtaking vistas, expansive cityscapes, or fit everyone in a group photo without anyone getting left out.
  • Macro Lens (12.5x): Explore the hidden world in stunning detail. Perfect for capturing intricate flowers, insects, jewelry, or any object begging for a close-up.
  • Universal Compatibility: The TOKOHANSUN Lens Kit works seamlessly with most smartphones, including iPhone 6S, 7, Xiaomi models, and many others.
  • High-Quality Optics: Enjoy crisp, clear images thanks to the multi-layer coated, German-made optical glass lenses.
  • Easy to Use: The secure clip-on design ensures quick and effortless attachment to your phone's camera.

Transform your smartphone into a powerful photography tool. Order your TOKOHANSUN Phone Lens Kit today and start capturing the world around you in a whole new way!