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Supercharge playtime with the Woki Toki, the ultimate walkie talkie designed especially for kids! These adorable bunny-shaped radios pack a powerful punch of fun, fostering communication, imagination, and outdoor adventures.

Gift Your Child the Power to Play:

  • Adorable Design: Featuring bright colors and a cute bunny design, Woki Toki is a surefire hit for boys and girls alike.
  • Safe & Secure: Crafted from durable, non-toxic ABS plastic and boasting ultra-low 0.5W transmission power, Woki Toki prioritizes your child's safety.
  • Simple to Use: Even the youngest explorers can master Woki Toki with its minimal buttons and intuitive interface. The easy-to-use "push to talk" button ensures seamless communication.
  • Long-Range & Crystal Clear: Whether embarking on a camping trip or having a backyard blast, Woki Toki boasts 22 channels and a 3km range for uninterrupted, crystal-clear conversations.

More Than Just Walkie Talkies!

Woki Toki goes beyond simple communication, offering features that elevate playtime:

  • Built-In Fun: Keep boredom at bay with a built-in LED flashlight, an informative LCD display, VOX function for hands-free talking, and adjustable volume control.
  • Create Your Own Team Channel: Protect your child's conversations with a dedicated channel, allowing them to talk to multiple friends or family on the same frequency.
  • Beyond Playtime: Woki Toki fosters:
    • Family Bonding: Limit screen time and create lasting memories with family games that utilize walkie talkies.
    • Neighborhood Watch: Stay connected with your neighbors on the same channel, promoting a sense of community.
    • Independent Play: Equip your child with a tool for staying connected with friends and fueling their imagination.
    • Outdoor Adventures: Walkie talkies add excitement to camping trips, hikes, and outdoor explorations.

Give the gift of adventure and endless fun with Woki Toki, the perfect walkie talkie for curious and creative kids!