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 Sick of waiting hours for your phone to charge in the car? Ditch the slow chargers and upgrade to the Essager 30W USB-C Car Charger, the ultimate fast-charging solution for iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung, and more!

Charge Like a Champion

This powerhouse charger boasts a maximum output of 30W, delivering blazing-fast charging speeds that leave standard chargers in the dust. Whether you're using a PD-enabled iPhone or a Samsung phone with AFC, the Essager 30W charger adapts to your device for optimal charging efficiency.

Universal Compatibility: Charge Any Device

Forget a tangled mess of adapters. The Essager 30W charger features a versatile USB-C port that seamlessly works with a wide range of smartphones and tablets. Plus, a handy USB-A port lets you charge an additional device simultaneously.

Safety First: Built-in Protections

Peace of mind comes standard with the Essager 30W charger. It's equipped with intelligent safety features to safeguard your devices from overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits.

Compact Design, Big Performance

Don't let its small size fool you. The Essager 30W charger packs a punch while maintaining a sleek and portable design that perfectly complements your car's interior.

Upgrade Your Car Charging Experience Today!

Ditch the slow lane of charging and experience the power and convenience of the Essager 30W USB-C Car Charger. Order yours today and keep your devices juiced up on every road trip!