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 Level up your mobile photography with the 3-in-1 Universal Clip Lens Kit, compatible with iPhone 7, 8, 6, 11, and most other smartphones! This portable and lightweight clip-on lens kit boasts a stylish design and three incredible lenses to transform your phone into a mobile photography powerhouse.

Capture breathtaking landscapes and expansive cityscapes with the 0.45x Wide Angle Lens. This lens lets you fit 45% more into your frame, perfect for capturing group photos, stunning travel vistas, and sprawling architecture.

Unleash the hidden world of tiny details with the Macro Lens. This lens allows you to get incredibly close to your subject, capturing intricate details of flowers, insects, jewelry, and more with stunning clarity.

Inject some fun and creativity into your photos with the 180-degree Fisheye Lens. This lens creates a dramatically warped, ultra-wide field of view, offering a unique and captivating perspective for artistic shots and special effects.

Here's what makes the 3-in-1 Universal Clip Lens Kit so amazing:

  • Universal Compatibility: Works with iPhone 7, 8, 6, 11, and most smartphones
  • 3 interchangeable lenses: Wide Angle, Macro, and Fisheye
  • Portable and Lightweight: Take it anywhere!
  • Fashionable Design: Complements your phone's style
  • Quick-Release Clip: Easily detach and attach lenses
  • Macro Lens: Capture incredible close-up details
  • Wide Angle Lens: Fit 45% more into your frame
  • Fisheye Lens: Create fun and artistic effects

Don't miss a single photo opportunity! The 3-in-1 Universal Clip Lens Kit gives you the versatility to capture stunning wide landscapes, remarkable close-ups, and captivating fisheye shots, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Order yours today and unlock the full potential of your mobile photography!