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Stop buffering, lagging, and frustrating drop-offs! Supercharge your WiFi experience with our 2pcs Dual Band WiFi Antenna package. This powerful upgrade is designed to amplify your router's signal strength, ensuring a seamless and reliable connection throughout your entire home or office.

Here's why you'll love our Dual Band WiFi Antennas:

  • Unmatched Signal Strength: Featuring a 10dBi gain, these antennas effectively extend the reach of your WiFi signal, eliminating dead zones and ensuring a strong connection in even the farthest corners.
  • Dual Band Performance: Compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, these antennas cater to all your WiFi needs. Enjoy smooth browsing, lag-free gaming, and uninterrupted streaming on any device.
  • Universal Compatibility: The SMA Male connector ensures effortless installation with a vast range of routers, access points, and WiFi adapters.
  • Easy Setup: Simply replace your existing antennas with these high-performance upgrades and enjoy an instant boost in your WiFi signal.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with top-quality materials, these antennas are built to last, providing you with long-lasting performance.

Ideal for:

  • Large homes or offices with spotty WiFi coverage
  • Gamers seeking a lag-free online experience
  • Streamers demanding a reliable connection for high-definition content
  • Anyone who wants to maximize their WiFi performance

Don't settle for a sluggish internet connection! Invest in our Dual Band WiFi Antennas today and experience the difference a powerful signal can make.

Additional Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 2400-2500MHz / 4900-5900MHz
  • VSWR: ≤1.5
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Maximum Input Power: 50W
  • Connector Type: SMA Male / RP SMA Male

Upgrade your WiFi today and unlock a world of uninterrupted connectivity!