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 Looking for a complete safeguard for your iPhone? Look no further! This premium HD Glass Film package offers everything you need to shield your iPhone 14, 13, 12, or 11 from scratches, prying eyes, and even bumps.

Here's what you get:

  • HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals and flawless touchscreen response with this ultra-tough screen guard. It's built to resist scratches and shattering, keeping your iPhone looking pristine.

  • Peep-proof Protection Film: Maintain your privacy with this innovative screen protector. It narrows the viewing angle, making your screen only visible to you directly in front of it. Perfect for thwarting shoulder surfers in public!

Bonus: iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Lens Protector (Not Included for iPhone 14 Pro)

  • Complete Camera Coverage: This tailored protector safeguards your entire iPhone 14 Pro Max camera lens area, ensuring all-around defense against scratches and nicks. (Please note: compatibility limited to iPhone 14 Pro Max)

  • Case-Friendly Design: This camera protector seamlessly integrates with most iPhone cases, so you can enjoy protection without sacrificing style.

  • Crystal Clarity: High-definition glass maintains pristine image quality, so you can capture stunning photos and videos without interruption.

  • Edge-to-Edge Protection: The full-adhesive design ensures complete camera lens coverage, preventing dust and scratches from creeping in.

Upgrade your iPhone's protection today! This HD Glass Film and Camera Lens Protector Kit provides the ultimate defense against everyday wear and tear, keeping your phone looking and functioning flawlessly.